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GTA V PC Pre-Order Bonus Includes Free Game

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Rockstar has just sweetened the deal for Grand Theft Auto V on the PC.


Final Fantasy XIII Resolution Patch Coming Next Week

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The long awaited patch for the PC version of Final Fantasy XIII will be released on Dec. 11, according to a post on Steam from Square Enix. This patch will add custom resolutions to the game, allowing it to be played in 1080p resolution. This is good news for PC players.

Ubisoft to fix Assassin’s Creed Unity performance issues on PC

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Ubisoft is experiencing technical difficulties, or at least their biggest game of the year is. Assassin’s Creed Unity was released just yesterday and though the critical reviews have been generally positive, several PC players are reporting severe problems trying trying to play the game.

Final Fantasy XIII Coming to PC Next Month

All the glorious hallways can be yours to explore this October.

Lightning and co. are headed to the PC next month. According to the Steam Store page, Final Fantasy XIII will be available on Oct. 9 for $14.99. The 2010 JRPG is currently available for pre-purchase at a 10% discount. This news comes after yesterday’s release of Final Fantasy IV on Steam.

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The Walking Dead 400 Days Review

Being such an overused setting, it’s hard for me to imagine looking forward to a game set in a zombie apocalypse. While the Last of Us still awaits my critique, the Walking Dead game hit an unprecedented level of quality with the first five episodes. With Season Two still months away, Telltale Games has released a single piece of downloadable content that bridges the gap between Seasons One and Two. The Walking Dead 400 Days is composed of five short stories starring different characters passing through an abandoned truck stop over the course of 400 Days. The entire episode will last between one and two hours with each individual story lasting approximately fifteen minutes. The impact of each segment isn’t as strong as any of the episodes from Season One but there are plenty of hard-hitting decisions sprinkled throughout. Each story is different from the last and keeping with the themes of Lee and Clementine’s tale, the narrative says a lot more about people in a zombie apocalypse than the zombies themselves. It paints a grim picture of else is happening during the end of the world.

In addition to affecting Season Two, a few minor decisions made in Season One have an impact in 400 Days.

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Most Anticipated Game of 2013: Tomb Raider

Well the new year has rolled around, so to start things off I’m going to discuss the game that I am looking forward to the most in 2013. I’ll admit that this is a crowded category for me. There are many games to look forward to: Bioshock: Infinite, Beyond: Two Souls and the Last of Us. All of them look amazing, but  the one game I am looking forward to the most is the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot. It barely beats out The Last of Us (which I think is a potential Game-of-the-Year). I’m not anticipating Tomb Raider solely based on its potential quality, the deciding factor is that the success of Tomb Raider is more important for the video games industry than the success of other games. It will show how the industry has or hasn’t changed, depending on its quality. While I would always prefer a new game to sequel or a reboot, Tomb Raider will provide an opportunity to look back on the last two decades and show how much the industry has grown and hopefully, how it will continue to grow.

Lara Croft is perhaps the most iconic and recognizable female character in video game history. She was a female protagonist in an era when lead characters were exclusively men. Mostly due to her famous pair of assets, Lara was the first video game character to reach the status of a sex symbol. It’s easy to scoff at this but it represents an shift in how people see video game characters. By becoming a sex symbol, Lara Croft raised herself above a mere assortment of pixels and into something that closer to an real person. It was obvious pandering, but the fact that it worked was important for video games. Lara’s popularity kept growing. In 2001, a film adaptation was made starring Angelina Jolie and while it wasn’t horrible it does share the dubious honor along with Resident Evil, of starting a trend video-game-movies. Despite this, Lara Croft is a significant figure in the history of the industry.

Lara in Tomb Raider: Legend, seven years before she discovered pants.

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Best of 2012: The Walking Dead

This week I’ll be counting down the top three games of 2012, leading up to choice for the best game released this year. Please keep in mind that I can’t talk about a game unless I’ve played it so if your favorite game is left out, then most likely I didn’t play it.

Based on the comic book series of the same name (which also inspired a TV show), Telltale Game’s The Walking Dead is one of the best written games of this year.  Released online in five episodes over a few months and now out on disc, the first “season” is a dark, thought-provoking drama. It’s a point and click adventure game. After this game, the genre might just be rising out of the grave (get it?).

The aesthetics evoke the comic book that the story is based on. It also stands out from the bigger Triple-A titles.

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