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Anything in this category was good enough to make it into my top 3 games of that year. Also includes reviews of E3 and the entire year in gaming.

Most Anticipated Game of 2015: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Big Boss is known as Venom Snake in this game. Hopefully he won’t show up for just ten minutes.

It’s difficult for me to be excited for the games in this coming year. This is because most of the games announced for this year have been given vague release dates. Certain games, such as Splatoon, The Division and Rainbow Six: Siege have caught my eye but there’s one game I can’t ignore. If I had to pick just one game to play in 2015, it would be Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Read the rest of this entry


The Year that was 2014 in Gaming

For the past month, I’ve been working on this tribute video for this past year in gaming. So, please celebrate to end of the year by giving it a watch. Enjoy!

I wish you all a happy new year! See you in 2015.

Best of 2014: The Walking Dead Season Two

This post contains spoilers for The Walking Dead Season Two. You have been warned.

Something happened to me after completing The Walking Dead: Season Two for the first time. I had patiently waited for the episodes to be released on disc. When it finally arrived I got home from work and played all five episodes in succession. When I finished the last episode, I was a different man. With every game that came out this year, no game was better written. No game stuck with me more than this one; no game ever has. The Walking Dead: Season Two isn’t the best-designed game of the year, but it’s by far the best story. In my opinion, it’s the best game of 2014; here’s why. Read the rest of this entry

Best of 2014: Honourable Mentions

There were a lot of good games this year. I played a surprising amount of them, at least in comparison to previous years. Before I get into my personal favourite game of the year, I would like to take some time and talk about some of the other games that I enjoyed that didn’t make the top three. So in alphabetical order, here are the honourable mentions of 2014. Read the rest of this entry

Best of 2014: Alien Isolation

In space, no one can hear you poop yourself.

I learned very quickly that there’s nowhere to hide in Alien: Isolation and there are so many ways to get yourself killed. If you run too fast, you’re dead. If the Alien sees you, you’re dead. Oh, you fired a gun at the enemy android? Guess what? The Alien heard that, you’re dead. You’re in the middle of saving? The Alien says “hello.” You stayed in the locker too long; silly human, you’re dead. Nothing inspires fear quicker than paranoia around the most mundane actions. Now, wrap this moment-to-moment gameplay around a strategic crafting system and an incredible atmosphere. The result is, in my mind, the best designed game of the year.

Read the rest of this entry

Best of 2014: The Wolf Among Us

This post contains some minor spoilers for The Wolf Among Us.

For most of the year, The Wolf Among Us sat atop of this list. I can’t recall a game that hooked me as quickly as the first episode did and Telltale Games silenced everyone who doubted that lightning could strike twice. Throughout the first half of the year, Telltale Games delivered an enthralling murder mystery video game. The true test of narrative excellence is when a writer or designer is one step ahead of the audience and The Wolf Among Us is several steps ahead at all times. There are so many subtle hints in the early episodes that come up later in ways you don’t expect. It’s one thing to be a step ahead, it’s another to do so without the audience even being aware of it.

In a move surprises no one, The Wolf Among Us has made it to the Best of 2014.

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2014 Year in Review

It’s been a wild year, not just for gaming but for me personally. I joined a gaming website, I built a gaming PC and have spent the last few months in complete seclusion but I have emerged from my cave, older and more unkempt to deliver my thoughts on the year that was 2014. As I did last year, I’m going to go over the year before delving into my personal top three games of the year. I also have a special surprise for all of you at the end of the list so stay tuned for that.

I feel like the world may actually end by the time The Division comes out.

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Top Three of E3 2014

This year’s edition of E3 was one the strongest I can remember mostly because the focus was on actual games. Thus, I found it very difficult to narrow down all the games that I liked to a list of three. Now that I’m done talking about media briefings it’s finally time to focus on what actually matters. I will only talking about games that showed actual gameplay so games such as Rise of the Tomb Raider and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End are out. Before I get to my top three games, there were plenty of games worthy of honourable mention so here they are in no particular order: Yoshi’s Wooly World, Sunset Overdrive, Tom Clancy’s The Division and Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition Ex Plus Alpha. Read the rest of this entry

Most Anticipated Game of 2014: The Wolf Among Us

Happy New Year my dear reader. 2013 is now over, so a great way to start any new year is to discuss what one is looking to forward to most. As far as video games go, there’s plenty of games to be excited about though my TV schedule is filling alarmingly quick. My lack of a next-gen console means that there are some games coming out this year that I should be more excited for, however there’s a game that scratches a certain itch that no other game planned for this upcoming year will be doing. I have to admit, I’m surprised I would be talking about this gmae as I played it very late last year. My most anticipated game of 2014, is none other than Telltale Games’ newest point-and-click adventure series, The Wolf Among Us.

It’s nice to know werewolves are still awesome in a post-Twilight world. Image Credit: PC Gamer

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Best of 2013: BioShock Infinite

It’s been incredibly difficult for me to narrow down the best game of this year. I’d imagined earlier this year that I would be talking about Watch Dogs today but since that game was delayed there’s only one game left this year that I can talk about. It’s a game that itself, was delayed multiple times and came out a full year after its originally planned release date. BioShock Infinite is more than just a great game, it’s a work of art both mechanically and visually. It oozes style and visual flair while depicting interesting characters in an even more fascinating setting. BioShock Infinite was the best game I played all year.

Welcome to the colourful slice of Americana known as Columbia.

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