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Tales from the Borderlands: Episode One – “Zer0 Sum” Review

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“Choke on it,” she said. It was only a few seconds later upon being promptly reminded “Sasha will remember this,” that I realized the consequences of my action; I let a man die without thinking. It’s this kind of moment that is the quintessential Telltale Games’ work. Two years after the debut of The Walking Dead, this kind of moment is hardly significant, but up to this point, “Zer0 Sum” carried a much lighter tone than Telltale Games’ releases earlier this year.


Evolve Big Alpha Impressions

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After playing the Evolve Alpha for ten hours the word I keep coming back to is different. Yes, Evolveis a shooter, but it’s a different kind of shooter. It’s not just a multiplayer game, it’s a different kind of multiplayer game; an asymetrical online-only 4 vs 1 class-based shooter to be exact. Different can mean many things and the split between a game being unique and a game being weird is measured by quality. I can safely say that Evolve is a unique game.

Telltale Game of Thrones First Trailer Revealed

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Winter is coming and Telltale Games is eager to deliver. The first trailer for Telltale Games six-part Game of Thrones series was revealed today. The trailer is very short but long enough for some familiar faces to show up, including Tyrion Lannister and Cersei Lannister. Telltale Games have confirmed that some cast members from the show will be reprising their roles in the game.

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes PC Specs Revealed

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The Steam release of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is less than one month away and Kojima Productions has finally revealed the minimal and recommended specifications for the PC version. The specs were revealed earlier today on Steam.

Telltale Games Premieres Tales from the Borderlands Trailer

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Ready your weapons Vault Hunters. A new trailer for the latest Telltale Games series Tales from the Borderlands was released this morning. The trailer details where the game take place in theBorderlands series, which is after the events of Borderlands 2 in case you were wondering. The trailer prominently features Troy Baker and Laura Bailey as the two main characters and also shows Patrick Warburton and Dameon Clarke, who reprises his role as Handsome Jack. Claptrap, the series mascot, is curiously absent from this trailer though he’s bound to make his way into the series.

Ubisoft to fix Assassin’s Creed Unity performance issues on PC

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Ubisoft is experiencing technical difficulties, or at least their biggest game of the year is. Assassin’s Creed Unity was released just yesterday and though the critical reviews have been generally positive, several PC players are reporting severe problems trying trying to play the game.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Coming to Steam in December

Full article available here.

The second installment of the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy is coming to Steam. Square Enix released an official trailer today, revealing that Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be available on Steam on Dec. 11. Just like the release of Final Fantasy XIII, the game will be available at 10% discount, until the release date. The trailer can be viewed above.

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