News this week: Sony unveils Virtual Reality headset, EA up for Worst Company in America, again

Sony is throwing its hat into the virtual reality ring. Sony unveiled a virtual reality gaming peripheral named Project Morpheus during their press conference at the Game Developer’s Conference on Tuesday. Project Morpheus will be integrated with the Playstation 4 and will feature a screen with a 90 degree field of view and 1080p resolution.

Project Morpheus - PS4

It looks cool enough but will I get to take a red pill or a blue pill? Image Credit: Playstation Blog.

Project Morpheus puts Sony directly in competition with the Oculus Rift, another virtual reality gaming headset that was first demonstrated at E3 2012 and raised over $2.1 million US via Kickstarter. Project Morpheus will use gyroscopes and accelerometers to track head movement in real-time for in-game camera control .

According to the Playstation Blog, Project Morpheus will be compatible with the DUAL SHOCK 4 controller and the Playstation Move. The current headset is in the prototype stage and will serve as the development kit for Sony’s first-party developers.

Video game publisher EA has once again been nominated for the Worst Company in America. The Consumerist Blog, who are owned by Gawker Media, run an annual feature article asking readers to vote for the worst company in the United States. The Consumerist announced the finalists for this years article via their blog, on Tuesday.

Among the contenders for the contest this year are Bank of America, Comcast, Facebook, McDonald’s, SeaWorld and Ticketmaster. Previous “winners” include BP in 2011, Comcast in 2010 and AIG in 2009.

EA is notable for having “won” the last two years, beating out Bank of America both times. They are only company to have won consecutive years since the contest began in 2006. EAs public image has taken a turn for the worse in recent years. The game publisher faced controversy in 2012 regarding the original ending to Mass Effect 3, which prompted developer Bioware to release an extended cut a month later. EA faced more controversy last year over the disastrous launch of Sim City.

EA published Respawn Entertainment’s Sci-Fi shooter Titanfall earlier this month and are publishing the Bioware fantasy game Dragon Age: Inquisition later this year.

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