News this week: Batman Arkham Knight announced, PS4 sales hit six million

A new Batman game is coming later this year. The game was officially announced by Game Informer in their cover reveal for the April issue. The game will be titled Batman: Arkham Knight and the cover art prominently features the Batmobile. Arkham Knight will continue the Arkham series of Batman games which received a prequel last year in Batman: Arkham Origins.

One wonders how the Dark Knight will be able to see anything in front of the car. Image Credit: Game Informer.

Rocksteady Studios, who previously made Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City, will be developing Arkham Knight for the PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One  According to a listing on EB Games’ website (Gamestop for American readers), Arkham Knight will be released on Oct. 14, 2014.

The game was leaked earlier by UK retailer GAME via a listing on their website before being taken down. Following this, Game Informer published their April cover reveal, confirming the leak. According to the reveal, the game takes place on year after the events of Arkham City and will be Rocksteady’s final Batman game.

IGN revealed that unlike Arkham Origins, the new game won’t feature a multiplayer mode and Kevin Conroy will be returning to voice Batman. The Batmobile will be driveable around Gotham City, which is reportedly five times bigger than the map in Arkham City. The title “Arkham Knight” apparently refers to a new villain who will be at odds with the Caped Crusader. The trailer, which can be viewed below, revealed that Harley Quinn will be playable via pre-order DLC, much like Catwoman in Arkham City and Deathstroke in Arkham Origins.

Sony has announced via their blog that they have sold six million Playstation 4 consoles worldwide. This means that the PS4 has overtaken the Wii U in hardware sales which was last reported at the end of January to have sold 5.86 million consoles according to a consolidated financial report by Nintendo.

This news comes after the PS4 launched in Japan two weeks ago. Sony has reported that 90% of PS4s in the United States are connected online and that over 3.6 million broadcasts have been made on the live-streaming website Twitch. Since the beginning of the year, the PS4 has accounted for 20% of Twitch’s daily broadcasts.

The PS4 is selling notably faster than its predecessor the Playstation 3, which had sold 4.28 million units worldwide in June 2007, seven months after the console had been released. The PS4’s primary competitor, the Xbox One, was last reported by Microsoft to have sold 3 million units at the end of last year.


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