Top Three of E3 2013

I know it’s been two weeks but a lot happened at this past E3 and there was no shortage of excellent games on display. As usual there were a lot of sequels at E3 but a lot of the more buzzworthy games were new IPs which gives me hope for the next generation. More so than the last few years I feel that coming out of E3, gamers have a lot of good things to look forward so I’d like to take a moment to honor some of the more exceptional games that appeared at E3. Before I continue I should mention that a few great games aren’t on this list like Metal Gear Solid V and Final Fantasy XV. While I’m excited for these games there’s still a few lingering question marks so I’m still not sure what to make of them; I am excited to see more so they those two in particular deserve mention.

In no specific order here are my top three games of E3 2013.

Tom Clancy’s The Division

While everyone seems to be interested in Ubisoft’s other game, The Division brings a lot of ideas to the table. It’s a post-apocalyptic online-only tactical third person shooter/role-playing game. While this kind of game sort of already exists on the PC in the form of DayZ, the idea hasn’t made it over to the consoles so there’s potential for this game to succeed. What appeals to me the most is the notion that teamwork appears to be the key to surviving and not enough games (aside from Left 4 Dead and Team Fortress 2) are doing this today. A mere seven minutes of gameplay was enough to impress me. There’s not much else to say other than you should definitely check out the gameplay video below:

Available on: Xbox One, Playstation 4

Release Date: Q4 2014

Infamous: Second Son

I admit I’m very surprised this game made it to my top three. The third game in the Infamous Franchise, Second Son was announced at Sony’s PS4 reveal back in February and I was relatively indifferent about it. I changed my mind however, once I actually saw the game. The setup seems interesting enough, it’s set several years after the second game, the player will take control of a new character with a different set of powers. There’s an almost Orwellian theme going on with how Conduits are being treated and that could be very interesting. Second Son appears to be to the Infamous franchise what Bioshock Infinite was to the Bioshock franchise, more of a re-imagining than a sequel. The gameplay appeals to me because it seems to stand on its own; I haven’t played or seen games that play like Infamous and Second Son will continue that trend. Finally the art direction has moved away from the comic-book inspired design into a more stylized aesthetic, it reminds me a bit of Mirror’s Edge (and if you know me, that’s a damn good sign). This is a game that will likely sell a lot of consoles when it comes out.

Available on: Playstation 4

Release Date: Q1 2014

Watch Dogs

It puts me at ease when one of the most technically and artistically impressive games I’ve ever seen comes from a completely new game. The end of this console generation has been filled with Sequels and Reboots so that something new has everyone talking is awesome news. Watch Dogs is a Noir-Cyberpunk open world stealth adventure game. If you took Grand Theft Auto, Deus Ex Human Revolution and Assassin’s Creed (all great games), mashed them together, you would get Watch Dogs. I know for me, that until I saw this game, I was skeptical about there being a new generation of video game consoles. It’s pretty powerful when a game can sway my opinion like that. The visuals and more importantly the art direction is outstanding. The gameplay looks very smooth and it also incorporates and online component similar to what The Division is doing. It’s a game that has something for everyone, it was the best game of last E3 and in my opinion, it’s the best game this year as well.

Available on: PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Wii U

Release Date: November 19

So there’s my top three, but I would like to know your top three. What are your top three games of E3 2013? Or at least what games are you excited for this year after E3? Let me know in the comments. See you next week.

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  1. WOW Division looks so awesome

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